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Lesson 3: A Visit to Xi'an Pre- reading Xi'an Wild Goose Pogoda Terra Cotta Warriors Bell Tower City Wall Drum Tower yangroupaomo special dish While- reading Fast reading: read quickly and circle the pictures mentioned(提到) in the lesson. While- reading Careful reading: read carefully and answer the questions according to the lesson. Q1: How long and how old is the wall in Xi'an? Q2: How old is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda? Q3: How old is the Terra Cotta Warriors? Q4: What can you do along the wall? Q5: What can you do about the Big Wild Goose Pagoda? Q6: What can you do in the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower? It is about 12 kilometres long and over 600 years old. It is over 1300 years old. They are over 2000 years old. You can walk along the wall in the Walled City. You can climb up it. You can hit the ancient drum in the Drum Tower and ring the ancient bell in the Bell Tower. about 大約 over 超過;多于(=more than) walk along 沿著。。走 climb up 攀爬 hit the drum 打鼓;敲鼓 ring the bell 敲鐘 Read and translate the underline sentences. While- reading welcome to... 歡迎來。。。 special dishs 特色小吃 have a lot of fun (=have a good time) 玩得開心 enjoy 享受;喜歡 enjoy doing sth喜歡干。。。. While- reading Read Part2, try to answer: Q1: What does Danny want to do? Can he do it? Q2: What does Jenny want to do? Can she do it? Have a civilized trip, Be a civilized man. (文明旅行,做文明人) While- reading Read and translate the underline sentences. first pit 一號坑 one of +名詞復數 。。。之一 No+名詞 表“禁止...” Post- reading Complete the sentences according to the Chinese meaning. 1. 暑假我將和我的父母去北京爬長城。 I will go to Beijing to ________ ________ the Great Wall with my parents. 2. 李明旁邊那個老人看起來有七十多歲了。 The old man beside Li Ming looks __________ seventy years old. 3. 七年級大約有20個人。 There are ________ 20 students in Grade 7. 4. 這學期你將和同學們度過一個美好時光。 You will ________ _______ ________ _______ _______ with your classmates this term. 5. 西安有許多特色小吃。 There are a lot of _________ _________ in Xi'an. climb up have a lo